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Wall and Ceiling Finishes in Southeastern Wisconsin

Do you long for the luxurious walls you’ve seen in a model home or a friend’s house? Do you desire the old world finishes or modern touches that make a house a home? It’s amazing how adding a glaze will immediately create a welcoming atmosphere. And better yet, it’s not that far out of reach for you! With Jennifer Snyder of Artist by Design, I can personally help you achieve your dream.

I will meet with you one-on-one to listen to your ideas or provide them to you if needed. I will introduce options available to you within your budget. You will then be provided with customized sample boards that are specific to your room(s) so you know ahead of time what’s going to be applied on the walls, therefore avoiding any unwanted surprises!

Your home is my canvas to work magic. From simple faux finishes to complex textures, Artist by Design will customize the look for you and your home.

While most of my clients are residential, I do commercial projects as well.

My greatest pleasure is seeing my clients speechless with joy upon seeing the completed project. I look forward to seeing you speechless as well!


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Faux Painting in Wisconsin

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